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With many delightful courses, pure coastal breeze from the Atlantic ocean, great fresh gastronomy and fantastic weather conditions, Portugal is a Golf Bliss for most golfers.


  Portugal Golf - Algarve - Pinta Course Tips

Vale da Pinta Golf Tips in Lagoa, Algarve - Portugal


Hole 1 - 312 Metres - Par 4
Missing the fairway traps sets up an uphill pitch requiring good length judgment.

Hole 2 - 327 Metres - Par 4
Another testing drive to set up an approach shot from the angle of the dogleg. Favour the right side with your second shot.

Hole 3 - 351 Metres - Par 4
A chance for a strong tee shot downhill. Still requires a good touch on the high flighted second shot.

Hole 4 - 479 Metres - Par 5
One of the world's great par-5 holes. Lots of ways to play it but all basically need straight measured shots.

Hole 5 - 132 Metres - Par 3
Choose your club and make a positive good swing. Not for the nervous!

Hole 6 - 369 Metres - Par 4
A well positioned tee shot to the corner of the left hand dogleg leaves an iron shot to reach the green.

Hole 7 - 166 Metres - Par 3
A testing and picturesque par-3 that requires a carrying shot to reach the green.

Hole 8 - 312 Metres - Par 4
A draw shot round the dogleg or a lay up level with the fairway bunkers sets up a testing pitch shot.

Hole 9 - 341 Metres - Par 4
Look to see the direction of the wind because the carry over the trees needs the wind from behind. The second shot is deceptive to a long green.

Hole 10 - 360 Metres - Par 4
A sharp dogleg right requiring a precise drive and then an accurate mid-iron.

Hole 11 - 153 Metres - Par 3
Make a good carrying strike as it is better to be long than short.

Hole 12 - 455 Metres - Par 5
Reachable in two with the right wind. A testing green to hit with any club.

Hole 13 - 292 Metres - Par 4
A deceptive short-iron when you make a good tee shot.

Hole 14 - 468 Metres - Par 5
Can be reached in two, and if not, try approaching the green from left to right.

Hole 15 - 145 Metres - Par 3
Great downhill par-3. A good strike saves the player from a sandy fate!.

Hole 16 - 302 Metres - Par 4
The bunkers and trees on the right of the fairway are to be avoided. Uphill short-iron plays long.

Hole 17 - 170 Metres - Par 3
Another test of shot making or more time on the beach!

Hole 18 - 545 Metres - Par 5
A true par-5, anything long and straight works on all three shots and will see you safely home.

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