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With many delightful courses, pure coastal breeze from the Atlantic ocean, great fresh gastronomy and fantastic weather conditions, Portugal is a Golf Bliss for most golfers.


  Portugal Golf - Algarve - Laguna Course Tips

Laguna Golf Tips in Vilamoura, Algarve - Portugal


1st Hole - 472 Metres - Par 5
(Stroke 1) A par-5 with an open fairway needs the Driver off the tee. Quite strategically placed is the bunker on the right so keep safely to the left side of the fairway.
(Stroke 2) Use a 4-Iron, playing it to a safe position ready for the next shot as you are still left with bunkers around the apron of the green.
(Stroke 3) A Pitching Wedge will place you on the green and close to the pin.

2nd Hole - 133 Metres - Par 3
(Stroke 1) Club selection is of prime importance as wind and sand can upset the result of your shot. An 8-Iron is normally the best choice of club.

3rd Hole - 357 Metres - Par 4
(Stroke 1) This hole is a dogleg to the right so play this shot to the right hand side of the fairway with a 5-Wood and avoiding the inviting left hand side bunker.
(Stroke 2) A firm 7-Iron will place you on the green.

4th Hole - 201 Metres - Par 3
(Stroke 1) This par-3 hole requires a 5-Iron. To avoid the water aim to the left of the middle of the green.

5th Hole - 315 Metres - Par 4
(Stroke1) On this hole you must carry the water and you need a strong Driver to clear as much of this water as possible.
(Stroke 2) A 6-Iron to the left of the centre of the green will continue to keep you away from the water.

6th Hole - 300 Metres - Par 4
(Stroke 1) Using the Driver aim to right of the fairway to keep away from the bunker on the left hand side. 
(Stroke 2) Choose your Pitching Wedge to place you on the green and near to the pin. Too strong a shot and over the green will take you into all sorts of trouble.

7th Hole - 321 Metres - Par 4
(Stroke 1) A Driver aimed to the right side of the fairway will keep you clear of the two bunkers on the left of the fairway.
(Stroke 2) Use a 9-Iron and aim for the centre of the green as the green is comfortably long but quite narrow in width. An accurate shot is definitely needed.

8th Hole - 476 Metres - Par 4
(Stroke 1) A Driver aimed straight up the fairway to land between the two leading bunkers. This will place you in good position for the next shot on this par-5 with a dogleg to the left.
(Stroke 2) A 3-Wood aimed slightly to the left side between the inviting bunkers on both sides of the fairway.
(Stroke 3) Club selection is important and a 9 Iron will place you on the green which is tight on length.

9th Hole - 378 Metres - Par 4
(Stroke 1) An inviting open looking fairway makes good use of your Driver. However, a bunker awaits you on the left and the water hazard awaits you if you hit too far to the right. 
(Stroke 2) Suggest a 4-Iron and aim to the left of centre of the green depending of the position of the flag. Water is still awaiting you if you carry too much to the right and remember the green is quite narrow. At this hole you are back at the clubhouse and it is a good opportunity for some refreshment.

10th Hole - 484 Metres - Par 5
(Stroke 1) A strong Driver will help you miss the bunker on the left side of the fairway.
(Stroke 2) Using a 3-Wood aim for the big carob tree located in front and to the right side of the line to the green.
(Stroke 3) Club selection is very important and a 9-Iron will place you close to the pin bearing in mind that the green is short in length.

11th Hole - 374 Metres - Par 4
(Stroke 1) As this is a gentle dogleg to the left a Driver aimed towards the left hand side bunker should place you in a good position for the next stroke.
(Stroke 2) Use a 4-Iron to take you to the centre of the small green and beware of the inviting bunkers that surround it.

12th Hole - 178 Metres - Par 3
(Stroke 1) In order to play this Par 3 you need careful club selection if the wind is strong. A 5 Iron will carry the 120 metres of water but accuracy is also very important as the Green is quite tight in size!

13th Hole - 405 Metres - Par 4
(Stroke 1) Use a Driver aimed to the right of the bunker on the left side of the fairway.
(Stroke 2) A 5-Wood should be aimed slightly to the right of the centre of the green.

14th Hole - 346 Metres - Par 4
(Stroke 1) This hole is a dogleg to the right of almost 90º with water on the right hand side all the way to the green. A very straight shot off the tee with a 3-Iron will place you in the right position.
(Stroke 2) Again club selection is important and an 8 Iron will place you on this short green.

15th Hole - 507 Metres - Par 5
(Stroke 1) Use your Driver to place you between the water on the left and the bunker on the right.
(Stroke 2) Choose your 3 Wood and aim some 30 metres to the left of the green in order to safely carry the water.
(Stroke 3) An 8-Iron will take you up onto the green but watch out for the corner of the water hazard that still lies to the right in your line of play.

16th Hole - 354 Metres - Par 4
(Stroke 1) The open fairway awaits your Driver so aim straight up the middle.
(Stroke 2) As this green is surrounded by bunkers use a very accurate 6-Iron.

17th Hole - 155 Metres - Par 3
(Stroke 1) A very challenging par-3 hole. A well placed 6 Iron will keep you out of trouble. If you land a little short or to the left you are in the water hazard. A little to right of the green you are in a bunker that has a high lip to overcome. When in this bunker you are faced with a green that slopes gently away from you down to the water on the left of the green!

18th Hole - 377 Metres - Par 4
(Stroke 1) This hole this is a fairly open fairway back to the clubhouse. Use your Driver aimed a little to the left of a carob tree on the fairway that tends to block your view to the green.
(Stroke 2) Use a 5-Iron and be tempted to aim for the middle of the green regardless of the Bunker that lies in front of its apron. A good putt will immediately qualify you for that well deserved drink back in the clubhouse.

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Laguna Golf

Laguna Golf

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