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With many delightful courses, pure coastal breeze from the Atlantic ocean, great fresh gastronomy and fantastic weather conditions, Portugal is a Golf Bliss for most golfers.


  Portugal Golf - Algarve - Gramacho Course Tips

Gramacho Golf Tips in Lagoa, Algarve - Portugal


Hole 1 - 310 Metres - Par 4
A picturesque tee shot. Lay up short of the central rock and tree outcrop, to leave a flighted short iron second.

Hole 2 - 490 Metres - Par 5
It is a lengthy straight drive along the extreme right hand side of the fairway. Stay clear of two majestic pine trees and set up the ideal line towards the green. It is normally advisable to lay up the second shot in front of the myriad of bunkers which defend the front of the double green down in a valley. The distance is deceptive, making club selection important.

Hole 3 - 339 Metres - Par 4
This is followed by a genuine thinking golfer's hole, the short par-4 8th (and 17th on the second loop). The distance off the tee is not important but accuracy is; the fairway being extremely narrow, with a lake to the left and difficult rough to the right. 

Hole 4 - 186 Metres - Par 3
Think of leaving an uphill putt on this testing par-3.

Hole 5 - 327 Metres - Par 4
Drive left of the rock outcrop. The second shot plays short off the downhill lie.

Hole 6 - 178 Metres - Par 3
Club selection is vital - the wind always comes into play.

Hole 7 - 376 Metres - Par 4
There is no shame in playing it as an easy 5! Two good shots are needed to make an orthodox par.

Hole 8 - 284 Metres - Par 4
The 8th green is out to the left cut into a terrace just over the bank of the deep lake, but it is usually reachable with a short iron second shot. Be sure to carry the lake with your second shot.

Hole 9 - 482 Metres - Par 5
Over the left hand tree is the line off the tee. The uphill second is all carry and beware of the deep greenside bunkers.

Hole 10 - 338 Metres - Par 4
If you carry the fairway traps an easy second is the reward. Lay up left and face a tough second shot.

Hole 11 - 506 Metres - Par 5
This hole is like several in the clever layout, differs in distance and angle of approach and it pays to have a quick look when playing the first time round. Left off the tee and then right for the second, setting up a straightforward uphill pitch.

Hole 12 - 299 Metres - Par 4
Carry the olive tree on the fairway and you have a pitch for a birdie chance.

Hole 13 - 186 Metres - Par 3
It is difficult to hit the right hand side of the green. Aim for the centre and face the more difficult putt.

Hole 14 - 347 Metres - Par 4
Drive right of the rock outcrop and then use your distance judgment for this downhill pitch shot.

Hole 15 - 159 Metres - Par 3
Not a long shot but it requires a clean strike or you may visit the water hazard.

Hole 16 - 363 Metres - Par 4
Gamble on a long straight tee shot and you can enjoy an easy second. A lay up short of the bunker and dry stonewall is the safer choice.

Hole 17 - 291 Metres - Par 4
Just hit the fairway off the tee! The second shot is not long.

Hole 18 - 400 Metres - Par 5
On the second nine, it is less daunting to reach the green with the approach shot as the line is well to the right of the lake. If you can reach the end of the left hand rock wall you have a chance at the green.

Gramacho Golf

Gramacho Golf

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