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With many delightful courses, pure coastal breeze from the Atlantic ocean, great fresh gastronomy and fantastic weather conditions, the Palmela is a Golf Bliss for most golfers.


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Palmela History

The town's name comes from his Roman founder, Cornelius Palma. Palmela, once a fortress, was conquered by the Portuguese in the XII century, from Muslim invaders.

Within its walls was born one of the most important pioneers of the "Portuguese Africa", Brito Capelo. In the castle also lived other significant people of Portugal's history, like Nuno Alvares e D. João II. In its churches lie other famous names notable for their weapons or words. After the extinction of the Orders, in 1834, though the castle a ruin it was classified as a National Monument on the 16th June 1919 and was reconstructed. The Pousada Castelo de Palmela is a 500 years old Convent. In 1940 took place the partial restoration of the Castle and in 1979 the Pousada was inaugurated, after the adaptation works to the Convent. With all its austerity, it is possible to enjoy its interior in a comfortable way that preserves a lot of the 17th century. Through the cloister is the entrance to the galleries, the social space of the Pousada. The Santa Maria church, inside the Castle Walls, is very old and was a ruin for many years. But, in 1534 it was rebuilt with charity help of Dom Prior and many volunteers. Though it was destroyed by the 1755 earthquake, it still preserves the Renaissance edification.

The Palmela village was founded 310 before Christ. However, little is known about Palmela´s history before the conquer of Lisbon by D. Afonso Henriques. It was then abandoned by the Arabs and became in the Christians possession.

Built in a privileged location, the Palmela Castle is a key point between the Sado and Tejo´s basin and was one pf the parts of the defensive triangle of Lisbon. The castle was reconstructed by D. Afonso Henriques, D. Sancho I and D. Afonso II and amplified by D. João I still in the 17th century.

There aren't many military histories about the Castle in the following centuries, neither during the Restoration wars, nor even afterwards. Nevertheless, in the end of the 17th century were built the castle walls. The castle also had a high tower, bulwarks, the governor house and soldiers quarters, where they would stay in any war occasion. It is one of the best architectural fortresses, specially known for its location and the magnificent view that it has to offer.

Palmela Description

It is located up a hill in the Arrábida area, and it's a semi-rural town, right in the middle of Portugal's biggest urban area, though the fact that many people are moving in from big cities like Lisbon represents a problem. Wild fires in the region are another threat to the environment.

The town's ex libris is the castle (Castelo de Palmela), which offers a unique view over the whole region of Setúbal's Peninsula, Lisbon, and the Atlantic Coast. It was a strategic place in past centuries, and today it is still a main knot of Portugal's road and rail networks.

Palmela is home to many multinational industrial plants like Volkswagen or Coca-Cola, and a significant number of foreign families live in the area. The local radio often broadcasts in Ukrainian.

Palmela's traditional products are the wine, which has achieved international awards in several festivals like Bordeaux's, and the queijo de Azeitão (Azeitão's cheese), also very appreciated. There are several festivals dedicated to these products, being the most famous the Festa das Vindimas (Vines' Festival) and the Festival do Queijo, Pão e Vinho (Festival of Cheese, Bread and Wine).

Palmela is the birthplace of the Portuguese explorer Hermenegildo Capelo and, as a curiosity, where some famous individuals such as Hans Christian Andersen were briefly hosted.

Palmela Map (Click Here)

Palmela Weather

Palmela Information
112 - SOS
800 296 296 - Support to Tourists

Palmela Locations of Interest
Archaeological Site - Grutas do Casal do Pardo

Palmela Events
Festival da Senhor de Jesus das Chagas - 2nd to 3rd May
Festival dos Santos Populares - 23rd to 30th June
Festival da Nossa Senhora do Cabo - September
Festival da Nossa Senhora da Luz - September
Town Holiday - 15th September

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Palmela View

Palmela Castle

Palmela Countryside

Palmela House

Palmela Street

Palmela Tower

Palmela Country View to Castle

Palmela Church

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