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Welcome to Cascais Golf

With many delightful courses, pure coastal breeze from the Atlantic ocean, great fresh gastronomy and fantastic weather conditions, the Cascais is a Golf Bliss for most golfers.


  Portugal Golf - Cascais


Cascais History

This picturesque town started as a small fishing port throughout early history as it lies protected from nature’s elements at the mouth of the Rio Tejo. It was occupied by the Spanish under the Duke of Alba in 1579. In 1807, the French invaders commanded by General Junot used the Palácio da Citadela as their suitable headquarters for his army. During the first part of the 19th Century the port trade declined bringing poverty to the town. When in 1870 the King, Luís I, chose to convert the 17th Century building of the Citadela into his summer residence Cascais soon became a very fashionable town and aristocratic palaces and mansions followed. In 1926 the railway line from Lisbon to Cascais was the first to be electrified in Portugal and this also had a positive economic effect. During the 2nd World War several Kings and Heads of European countries sought refuge in Cascais and nearby Estoril. With these people came other aristocrats, politicians, actors and writers - so many that the population increased by over 20,000 people between 1939 to 1946. Names of important exiles such as Duke of Windsor, King Umberto of Italy, Princess Joana of Italy, King Carol II of Romania, Prince Juan of Spain, Count Henri of France, part of the Hapsburg family, Regent Horthy of Hungary, all can be associated with the history of both this town and that of neighbouring Estoril.

Cascais Description
Today it is the dormitory of the Lisbon international working community and the "younger set" who enjoy the diverse and sophisticated the nightlife.

One of the most outstanding palaces is the Palácio de Conde de Castro Guimarães that is open to the public and exhibits its own grand private collection that includes over 25.000 books and such rarities as an illustrated book by Duarte Galvão(1455-1517). Also, most of the pre-historic finds from the Grutas de Alapraia are stored here. These were a series of underground caves only discovered in the late 19th Century. The Grutus do Poço Velho are located in the centre of the town and date back to the Neolithic period. On a much more modest scale is the Museu do Mar that depicts the story of Cascais and its fishing history. Just outside the town is the famous Boca do Inferno in which the sea on rougher days hammers into the rock and creates a booming noise and a spectacular spray thus creating its name which in English means "mouth of hell". Today, Cascais now boasts a smart new Marina with lovely yachts adding a further attraction to the town. The Praça de Touros built 1873 and is an imposing area in which regular bullfights can be seen. The Parque Palmela is an attractive park created by the Duques de Palmela and now maintained by the Town Hall and in which open-air concerts are often held.

Cascais Nearby Locations
Within easy reach of Cascais is the famous beach at Guincho with its high waves that attract windsurfers from all around the world as having some of the best rollers in Europe. The next town to the east of Cascais is the resort town of Estoril with its popular Casino. To the north and within easy reach is the romantic and fascinating town of Sintra and which was made famous too foreigners after a glowing account of its splendours recorded by Lord Byron

Cascais Map (Click Here)

Cascais Weather

Cascais Information
112 - SOS
800 296 296 - Support to Tourists
214 825 000 - Town Hall
214 828 400 - Fire Brigade
214 830 220 - Police
214 827 700 - Hospital
214 828 400 - Emergency Treatment
214 868 204 - Tourist Office

Cascais Locations of Interest
Boca do Inferno
Garden - Jardim do Museu de Conde de Castro Guimarães
Archaeological Site - Villa Romana do Alto da Cidreira
Archaeological Site - Villa Romana de Freira
Cabo da Roca - (Guincho)
Guia Lighthouse - (Guia)
Quinta Real de Caxias
Roman Site - Cascais Velhos (Areia)

Cascais Events
Fiesta de Santo António - 13th June
Town Holiday - 13th June
Festas de Mar - 26th July to 11th August
Procissão de Nossa Senhora dos Navegantes - 15th August

Cascais Beaches
Praia de Cascais
Praia da Crismina
Praia Grande do Guincho
Praia Moitas
Praia Poça e Duna
Praia de Tamariz

Cascais Palace

Cascais Bay View

Cascais Lighthouse

Cascais Beach

Cascais Fort

Other Nearby Lisbon Towns

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