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With many delightful courses, pure coastal breeze from the Atlantic ocean, great fresh gastronomy and fantastic weather conditions, Portugal is a Golf Bliss for most golfers.


  Portugal Golf - Transport Tips

Below is our list of Portugal Transport Tips

The international airports are of Lisbon, Porto, Funchal and Faro. Throughout the country there are a number of small airports with limited facilities. It is possible to travel from the international airports to many of these smaller ones but it is important to first check, as these services are variable.
At most airports a bus can be boarded outside the Terminal that will take you to the centre of the city. Taxis are also usually recommended.

There is the national network of Coaches and competing private operators who run quick non-stop services on the more popular routes and often to destinations not covered by trains. National Coaches tend to be slower but its prices are cheaper. Many private operators offer more facilities on longer runs such as toilet, video, air-conditioning and snacks. Prior to a long trip it is best to check what the coach facilities are before boarding. You will find that in major tourist areas or cities there are excellent local excursions by coach. In almost all cases tickets are purchased in advance.

Disabled Facilities
The needs of the disabled are visibly evident with reserved parking spaces in public areas, special toilets at airports, stations, and centres of entertainment.

Rent a Car
In all major towns there are a number of companies providing rent a car service. Proof of identity and a valid current Driving Licence is required. The minimum age to hire a car is 21 years old but some companies' place the age higher. Make sure that all needed documents relating to the hired vehicle and the driver are always available in the vehicle as Traffic Police often check these legalities on roads.

The Portuguese railway system is State owned and has the name of Caminhos de Ferro Portuguese (CP). The system provides a very reasonably priced transport within the country. Major lines are fast, efficient and comfortable.
There are daily international connections as shown below.
Lisbon - Porto - Paris (Twice daily)
Lisbon - Madrid
Porto - Vigo (Spain)
Lisbon - Badajoz (Spain)
There are express trains (Alfa) between Lisbon, Porto and Algarve. A regional train system operates throughout the country joining up the main towns. This system (IC) is less comfortable than (Alfa) and is slower. There are two classes, 1st and 2nd with the exception for local trains where there is only one class. Special tourist tickets may be purchased valid for 7, 14 or 21 days. There is also the Cartγo de Familia, that gives special terms for families on journeys over 150 kms. Outside most provincial stations there is a normally a coach waiting to take you to the centre as the stations can be distant from the town.
(Alfa) and (IC) tickets can be purchased up to 20 days in advance. Other train tickets are bought on the day of travel.

In most towns of Portugal there is limited means of transport. Taxis are mainly used and they are painted in a cream colour, or black and green. In urban areas they charge according to the taximeter. Outside these areas the charge is per kilometre and this includes the cost of the drivers return trip. Luggage over 30 kilos is charged at a fixed rate. All taxis drivers have in their possession their printed rates in two languages.



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