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With many delightful courses, pure coastal breeze from the Atlantic ocean, great fresh gastronomy and fantastic weather conditions, Portugal is a Golf Bliss for most golfers.


  Portugal Golf - Family Tips

Below is our list of Portugal Family Tips

Portugal is a wonderful unique location to visit and enjoy an unforgettable holiday - whatever your interests you can always find an answer in Portugal!

Family are well provided for with a large variety of things to do and see. The Portuguese love children and know how to make them smile! On this Page are listed a few of the many ideas for your family visit.

BEACHES - There are so many beaches to choose from. They vary in size from small rocky coves to long open stretches of sea washed sand. Most of them are located on the south coastline but there are several on the west coast that attract fewer visitors. All the popular beaches are attended by at least one trained Life Saver and they display flags to indicate the local sea conditions for swimming. When one of their flags is flying they are in attendance.

Many beaches have competent Sea Sport Centres that provide equipment and facilities to enjoy a variety of sports including:

Body boarding, Jet skiing, Para-skiing, Sailing, Scuba-Diving, Surfing, Water-skiing, Windsurfing

Even the less popular beaches have normally a Café/Restaurant in which to enjoy a memorable meal of freshly caught fish or shellfish prepared and served in its local manner.

CHILDREN - Children of all ages are well catered for with several interesting places and things to do. Firstly, there are a number of Water Parks with full facilities to spend the whole day sliding down water chutes or daredevil slides! There are several other areas that also deserve visiting, Zoomarine (Algarve), Pavilhão do Conhecimento (Lisbon, Parque das Nações), Oceanário (Lisbon, Parque das Nações), Lisbon Zoo and Lagos Zoo (Algarve), Badoca Parque (Near Sines). Or something different - join the grownups and others in a Safari Jeep trip up into the hills! Just in case the weather is not sunny enough there are Cinemas in every town showing the latest film releases, or perhaps a game of Ten-Pin Bowling.

Many of the Hotels have organised daily events for children and some have specially built play areas for the younger ones that are staffed by experienced personnel.

HEALTH & BEAUTY - Besides the beneficial soaking up the wonderful sunshine, the ladies in the family can take the opportunity to visit one of the Health Spas and the many Beauty Salons. They are scattered all along Portugal and they offer a variety of treatments and services. For the men in the family, many salons offer a variety of treatments from massage, reflexology to the more pampering indulgencies of facials and grooming techniques. The Health Spas are specialized and offer a selection of treatments associated with beneficial effects of the sea and its natural by-products. Many people travel to the Algarve just to treat themselves to one of these beneficial Spa courses.

This holiday could be just that opportunity to treat the body to a moment of smoothing relaxation and beautification - and its after-effect of reborn energy and self-ability.

SPORT - Portugal is a home for sport whether it is indoor or outdoor. Throughout the year there are organised numerous international and national sport events. These are to be found listed in the printed brochures that are well distributed by the Portugal Tourist Board. As there are so many different activities that take place along the coast we have listed below some of the major ones.

Archery, Badminton, Ballooning, Bird Watching, Body Building, Cycling, Fishing, Football, Golf, Horse Riding, Karting, Lawn Bowling, Mini-golf, Organised Walking, Rugby, Skate Shooting, Squash, Ten-Pin Bowling, Tennis, Track Athletics

TOURS - There are several Tours from which to choose. A choice could be a trip along the coast of the Algarve, or the beautiful volcanic Azores, the amazing Madeira nature, also perhaps one to Lisbon downtown or Porto downtown, or even to Seville and Gibraltar. In another section of this Site there are interesting details about each Town to visit in Portugal. Many of these have fascinating historical backgrounds and are well worth visiting. For the archeologically inclined there are a number of Roman sites. One of the popular attractive events is the local monthly market. As these are spread throughout each month in the different Towns along the coast they can be visited either by car or by an organised coach tour.

Another recommended way to see a different Portugal (sea conditions permitting), is to take one of the several Boat Tours along the coast. In all the Towns with ports there are a selection of companies with organised sea trips along the coast that can vary from a few hours to an all-day event. Perhaps you will choose a trip that includes a visit to one of the more secluded beaches, then ferried ashore to enjoy a sardine lunch grilled by the crew and washed down with local wine!

YOUR OWN THING - Portugal lends itself to personal enjoyment. Counting the number of different wild flowers growing all over in Madeira or Azores; walking backwards in time when visiting the rustic hidden villages in the hills behind the coast or located in the rural Alentejo; driving back from an unforgettable lunch in a local tavern having had a little too much good food and wine with your ever-friendly host Manuel; strolling along a beautiful beach wondering why nature is so strong and yet insensitively variable; basking by your pool trying to forget that all too soon it must come to an end. What ever you choose to do there is still this special sense of freedom in the Portugal style of living. Everything is here to be enjoyed today so indulge yourself and your family!



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