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Welcome to Aveiro Golf

With many delightful courses, pure coastal breeze from the Atlantic ocean, great fresh gastronomy and fantastic weather conditions, Aveiro is a Golf Bliss for most golfers.


  Portugal Golf - Aveiro


Aveiro History

This city was once an important seaport with a history linked to its salt pans dating back prior to 959 AD. This is how it was recorded in the will of Countess Mumadona at which time the town was known by the name of Alavario. Much later, in the 16th Century it acquired new prosperity through its cod fishing industry practiced off the coast of Newfoundland. Unfortunately, very strong storms occurred at the end of the same century with the result that the harbour mouth silted up and thus virtually dealing a deathblow to all this beneficial trade.

Aveiro Description

Today the area is a centre of industry but the old lagoon of about 65 sq. kms still has its charm with the many canals and the distinctive and interesting “moliceiros” boats that are used to collect seaweed. The town with its 55.000 inhabitants is basically a mixture of neat fishermen’s cottages and Art Nouveau townhouses with a few historic buildings. The small houses lining the beach area are most attractive on the eye with their distinct colourful facades of different painted colours. The church of Misericórdia dates from the 16th Century, whilst the more modest Cathedral São Domingos is from the 15th Century. The city’s museum is located in what previously was the Mosteiro de Jesus where Santa Joana, the daughter of King Afonso V, died in 1490. This museum, besides holding the well carved tomb of this Saint in a richly gold decorated sanctuary, maintains an interesting collection of primitive and 15th Century art.

Aveiro Nearby Locations

About 8 Kms. to the south of Aveiro is the town of Ílhavo that houses a Maritime Museum recording in some detail the local fishing history. To the south is the home of the world famous fine porcelain factory of "Vista Alegre" founded in 1824. There is an interesting museum of their products from the inception in the 1850s. Directly to the east of Aveiro are the two towns of Vouzela and São Pedro do Sul. In these two towns the houses reflect in their architecture the considerable wealth that the inhabitants have enjoyed as result of the produce taken from the fertile valley of the Rio Vouga.

Aveiro Map (Click Here)

Aveiro Weather

Aveiro Information
800 296 296 - Support to Tourists
112 - SOS
234 406 300 - Town Hall
234 422 333 - Fire Brigade
234 422 022 - Police
234 371 987 - Tourist Office
808 208 208 - Railways (CP)

Aveiro Golf

Aveiro Events
25th March - Feira de Março
12th May - Town Holiday
12th May - Feira da Santa Joana
July - Agro Vouga
July & August - Festa da Ria

Aveiro Locations of Interest
Maritime Museum of Aveiro
Museum of Boats - Santo André
Museum of Hunting & Fishing
Museum of Living Science
Regional Museum of Aveiro
Chapel - Capela de São Bartolemeu
Chapel - Capela de São Gonçalinho
Church - Igreja da Nossa Senhora da Alegria
Church - Igreja da Misericórdia
Convento de Santo António
Convento de São Domingos
Mosteiro de Jesus
Fundação de Dionísio Pinheiro - (Águeda)
History Museum & Chapel of Vista Alegre - (Ílhavo)
Maritime Museum of the Region of Ílhavo - (Ílhavo)
Municipal Museum - (Ílhavo)
Municipal Museum - (Ovar)
Museum of Hats - (São João da Madeira)
Museum of Paper - (Santa Maria da Feira)
Museum of Sacred Art - (Arouca)
Museum of Sacred Art - (Ovar)
Museum & Home of Egas Moniz - (Estarreja)
Museum of Ferreira de Castro - (Oliveira de Azeméis)
Museum of Marieta Solheiro Madureira - (Estarreja)
Museum Ethnographic of Vouga Region - (Águeda)
Railway Museum of Vouga Region - (Águeda)
Regional Museum - (Oliveira de Azeméis)
Archaeological Site - Citânia de Sanfins (Aveiro)
Chapel - Capela de Vista Alegre - (Ílhavo)
Church - (Ovar)
Church - Igreja de Santa Eulália - (Águeda)
Dolman - Casa da Moura - (Sever do Vouga)
Mosteiro de Arouca - (Arouca)
Mosteiro dos Cucujães - (Oliveira de Azeméis)
Village - (Arouca)

Aveiro Beaches
Praia do Areinho
Praia da Barra
Praia da Cortegaça
Praia da Costa Nova
Praia do Esmoriz
Praia do Furodouro
Praia de Mira
Praia do Monte Branco
Praia de São Jacinto
Praia de São Pedro da Maceda
Praia da Torreira
Praia da Vagueira

Aveiro Houses

Aveiro River View

Aveiro Boat

Aveiro Boats

Aveiro Street

Aveiro Fishing Boats

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